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The first sonar smart-watch that empowers awareness and navigation.

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The Future is Sunu Band

Sunu Band - Sunu Tag

A beautifully designed smart-watch with a purpose.

Sunu Band is the first fully-accessible smart-watch that combines sonar technology with precision haptic feedback to augment human perception, awareness and navigation.

  • Smart-Watch

    Discreetly tell time with Sunu's haptic vibration clock.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

    Sonar technology helps you sense objects within your surroundings. Haptic vibration feedback enables awareness and navigation.

  • Bluetooth Enabled

    Connect with Sunu Tag beacons to track and find your personal articles. Update and customize Sunu Band via our mobile app (coming soon).

How Sunu Band Works

Benefits of Using Sunu Band

Move with Confidence

Avoid unwanted collisions with objects or obstacles that are within your environment.

Customize & Update

Update and customize your device features and functions with the Sunu mobile app for iOS and Android - coming soon.

Track & Find

Keep track of your personal belongings with the Sunu Tag article tracker. Find it quickly by 'calling' your tagged with Sunu Band.

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  • Sunu band may be the way that we navigate like bats navigate in the night.

    Dave Power, President Perkins School for the Blind.
  • Before using SUNU, I was skeptical. I have tried other similar devices in the past without much benefit. After using it, I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to avoid overhead objects quite easily and was also able to find doorways very easily.

    Thomas Cumings, Adaptive Technology Trainer
  • I only used it for a few minutes, and I could just imagine the possibilities!

    Amy Mason, National Federation of the Blind
  • I became recently blind a year ago. When I discovered Sunu Band, I inmediately became more aware of my surroundings. Sunu Band make me feel more independent and helps me walk with more confidence, even when I use it with my white cane.

    John Mathers - Sunu Band User
MassChallenge Perkins School for the Blind Retos Zapopan

Video Testimonial

Visit our YouTube channel for more testimonials from experts and users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you expect to deliver?

We've started shipping our first lot of Sunu Band in December 2016. We are currently fulfilling our pre-orders at this time. New customers should expect to receive their orders within 4-6 weeks.

How does Sunu Band work?

The smart-bracelet uses a sonar transducer emitting an untrasound wave at a frequency that humans and pets cannot hear. The ultrasonic wave bounces off objects that are within the sensor's direction, and the resulting 'echo' is detected by the sensor. The resulting 'echo' is then be processed and converted into vibrations. The intensify of the vibrations depend on the bracelet's proximity to the object. The vibrations intensify as the user gets closer to an object or obstacle.

Are there any nice tutorials?

Yes, we offer online tuturials developed in partnership with orientation and mobility specialists.

Does Sunu Band work in different weather conditions?

Sunu band works on all kinds of climate and weather conditions. However, Sunu Band is not waterproof. Sunu Band is water resistant, this means that it is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

How accurate is Sunu Band?

Sunu Band has two modes of operation - an indoor or confined spaces mode, and outdoor mode. Sunu Band can detect objects at a range of four (4) meters (outdoors mode) and two (2) meters (indoor) mode. It's fast sensing technology works at 30 frames per second, as responsive as human sight.

Do you provide customer service and warranty?

Yes, we provide customer help and support online. Sunu offers a limited one (1) year warranty.

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